Senior High School

The Jenison Public Education Foundation has funded additional memory cards for the PAWS Yearbook, a portion of the Economic Class’ field trips to Chicago, additional AP American History curriculum materials, Leadership and Character Development Workshops, and supplies for Chemistry classes at the High School.

Karina White, a teacher at the High School, applied for and received a grant for funds toward an Ecology Class and related materials.

Jenison study water

Paige Bush, an 11th grader, uses a transparency tube for a field study in that new Ecology Class. Students in this class take a field trip to the Grand River using the EcoBus—another one of JPEF’s projects!

Jenison study bones

Students in Annette Dobrzynski's Forensic Science Class study with REAL bones for the first time. The bones came from a grant from the Foundation.

Jenison ecology class

Helping teachers go from an idea for a new Ecology Class to real practice was exciting for JPEF. Without funding from the Foundation, this class would not exist.